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Vests, cardigans and sweaters

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GILET MAILLE ULRICH - René Derhy ref:P445003GILET MAILLE ULRICH - René Derhy ref:P445003
ULIANA V-neck crochet sleeveless cardiganGILET MAILLE ULIANA - René Derhy ref:P445002
PULL ZENITH - René Derhy ref:P440007PULL ZENITH - René Derhy ref:P440007
GILET MAILLE URIELLE - René Derhy ref:P445013GILET MAILLE URIELLE - René Derhy ref:P445013
UMBERTA long-sleeved V-neck striped cardiganGILET MAILLE UMBERTA - René Derhy ref:P445006
PULL ZACHARIE - René Derhy ref:P440002PULL ZACHARIE - René Derhy ref:P440002
GILET MAILLE UMA - René Derhy ref:P445005GILET MAILLE UMA - René Derhy ref:P445005
PULL ZABOU - René Derhy ref:P440001PULL ZABOU - René Derhy ref:P440001
PULL ZEPHYR - René Derhy ref:P440009PULL ZEPHYR - René Derhy ref:P440009
URUGUAY 3/4 sleeve V-neck and ruffled cardiganGILET MAILLE URUGUAY - René Derhy ref:P445017
PULL ZODIAQUE - René Derhy ref:P440016PULL ZODIAQUE - René Derhy ref:P440016
PULL ZAARA - René Derhy ref:P440000PULL ZAARA - René Derhy ref:P440000
PULL DOMINO - René Derhy ref:P340001PULL DOMINO - René Derhy ref:P340001
GILET MAILLE OPERA - René Derhy ref:P345014GILET MAILLE OPERA - René Derhy ref:P345014
OPERA plain knit wrapover Sale price€89,00
TEDDY sleeveless sweater and long-sleeved open cardigan setTEDDY sleeveless sweater and long-sleeved open cardigan set
GILET MAILLE OUATE - René Derhy ref:P345005GILET MAILLE OUATE - René Derhy ref:P345005
PULL DRAGON - René Derhy ref:P340014PULL DRAGON - René Derhy ref:P340014
DRAGON crochet strappy top Sale price€65,00
GILET MAILLE JANICE - René Derhy ref:P245008GILET MAILLE JANICE - René Derhy ref:P245008
ENSEMBLE NANTUCKET - René Derhy ref:P290009ENSEMBLE NANTUCKET - René Derhy ref:P290009
NANTUKET Knit Twin-Set Sale price€115,00
GILET MAILLE JAPON - René Derhy ref:P245009GILET MAILLE JAPON - René Derhy ref:P245009