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ROBE CIDALIA - René Derhy ref:P310026ROBE CIDALIA - René Derhy ref:P310026
CIDALIA printed midi shirt dress Sale price€72,50 Regular price€145,00
ROBE CRUZ - René Derhy ref:P310093ROBE CRUZ - René Derhy ref:P310093
CRUZ pleated printed midi dress Sale price€95,40 Regular price€159,00
JET-LAG viscose printed fluid pantsPANTALON JET-LAG - René Derhy ref:P360035
JET-LAG viscose printed fluid pants Sale price€54,50 Regular price€109,00
BLOUSE EMMA - René Derhy ref:P320015BLOUSE EMMA - René Derhy ref:P320015
EMMA loose geometric pattern blouse Sale price€77,00 Regular price€129,00
JUPE FLORE - René Derhy ref:P350012JUPE FLORE - René Derhy ref:P350012
FLORE geometric pattern openwork midi skirt Sale price€74,50 Regular price€149,00
ROBE PIERRETTE - René Derhy ref:P315015ROBE PIERRETTE - René Derhy ref:P315015
PIERRETTE plain long dress Sale price€107,40 Regular price€179,00
ROBE PIA - René Derhy ref:P315014ROBE PIA - René Derhy ref:P315014
PIA plain sleeveless dress Sale price€71,40 Regular price€119,00
ROBE PRIMEVERE - René Derhy ref:P315047ROBE PRIMEVERE - René Derhy ref:P315047
PRIMEVERE long crochet cotton dress Sale price€72,50 Regular price€145,00
ROBE PARASOL - René Derhy ref:P315042ROBE PARASOL - René Derhy ref:P315042
Short plain crochet dress PARASOL Sale price€87,00 Regular price€145,00
ROBE PLACIDE - René Derhy ref:P315018ROBE PLACIDE - René Derhy ref:P315018
PLACIDE flower pattern lace mid-length dress Sale price€69,50 Regular price€139,00
ROBE COSETTE - René Derhy ref:P310083ROBE COSETTE - René Derhy ref:P310083
COSETTE crochet print long dress Sale price€72,50 Regular price€145,00
BLOUSE ELISEA - René Derhy ref:P320038BLOUSE ELISEA - René Derhy ref:P320038
ELISEA printed kimono blouse Sale price€59,50 Regular price€119,00
ROBE CORNELIA - René Derhy ref:P310082ROBE CORNELIA - René Derhy ref:P310082
CORNELIA printed chiffon long dress Sale price€101,40 Regular price€169,00
JUPE FOLIE - René Derhy ref:P350019JUPE FOLIE - René Derhy ref:P350019
FOLIE voile printed long skirt Sale price€75,00 Regular price€125,00
BLOUSE ENAYA - René Derhy ref:P320052BLOUSE ENAYA - René Derhy ref:P320052
ENAYA printed viscose voile blouse Sale price€59,50 Regular price€119,00
BLOUSE EGYPTIENNE - René Derhy ref:P320075BLOUSE EGYPTIENNE - René Derhy ref:P320075
EGYPTIENNE lurex embroidery printed blouse Sale price€69,00 Regular price€115,00
PANTALON JOLIFLOR - René Derhy ref:P360028PANTALON JOLIFLOR - René Derhy ref:P360028
Loose viscose printed pants JOLIFLOR Sale price€44,50 Regular price€89,00
BLOUSE ELBE - René Derhy ref:P320003BLOUSE ELBE - René Derhy ref:P320003
ELBE viscose printed loose shirt Sale price€37,50 Regular price€75,00
ROBE CHICA - René Derhy ref:P310014ROBE CHICA - René Derhy ref:P310014
CHICA viscose printed short dress Sale price€81,00 Regular price€135,00
ROBE CHERIE - René Derhy ref:P310010ROBE CHERIE - René Derhy ref:P310010
CHERIE printed shirt dress Sale price€63,00 Regular price€105,00
ROBE CHAMBORD - René Derhy ref:P310186ROBE CHAMBORD - René Derhy ref:P310186
CHAMBORD printed long dress Sale price€74,50 Regular price€149,00
TEE SHIRT LUCILLE - René Derhy ref:P330025TEE SHIRT LUCILLE - René Derhy ref:P330025
LUCILLE stretch printed t-shirt Sale price€45,00 Regular price€75,00
PANTALON MAGDA - René Derhy ref:P260009PANTALON MAGDA - René Derhy ref:P260009
MAGDA printed loose pants Sale price€42,50 Regular price€85,00
PALMAS JUPE LAS - René Derhy ref:P250011PALMAS JUPE LAS - René Derhy ref:P250011
LAS PALMAS printed cotton petticoat Sale price€44,50 Regular price€89,00
CALENZANA embroidered plain blouseBLOUSE CALENZANA - René Derhy ref:P225008
CALENZANA embroidered plain blouse Sale price€47,60 Regular price€119,00
JUPE LAURENCE - René Derhy ref:P250013JUPE LAURENCE - René Derhy ref:P250013
LAURENCE embroidered midi petticoat Sale price€62,50 Regular price€125,00
Plain embroidered blouse CALYPSOPlain embroidered blouse CALYPSO
Plain embroidered blouse CALYPSO Sale price€47,60 Regular price€119,00
MATURITE linen safari jacketVESTE MATURITE - René Derhy ref:P085014
MATURITE linen safari jacket Sale price€39,50 Regular price€79,00
ROBE SOUVENIR - René Derhy ref:P110595ROBE SOUVENIR - René Derhy ref:P110595
SOUVENIR floral print viscose wrap dress Sale price€51,60 Regular price€129,00
ROBE AILEEN - René Derhy ref:P210035ROBE AILEEN - René Derhy ref:P210035
AILEEN long sleeve high neck dress Sale price€51,60 Regular price€129,00
BLOUSE DALILA - René Derhy ref:P220007BLOUSE DALILA - René Derhy ref:P220007
DALILA printed and embroidered kaftan Sale price€57,50 Regular price€115,00
ROBE CORETTA - René Derhy ref:P310077ROBE CORETTA - René Derhy ref:P310077
Short printed cotton dress with CORETTA braid Sale price€81,00 Regular price€135,00
CAMINATA sleeveless printed long dressCAMINATA sleeveless printed long dress
CAMINATA sleeveless printed long dress Sale price€63,00 Regular price€105,00
VESTE IGUAZU - René Derhy ref:P385012VESTE IGUAZU - René Derhy ref:P385012
IGUAZU printed cotton linen blazer jacket Sale price€89,40 Regular price€149,00
ROBE PIERRE - René Derhy ref:P315072ROBE PIERRE - René Derhy ref:P315072
SHORT EDMEE - René Derhy ref:P265003SHORT EDMEE - René Derhy ref:P265003
EDMEE high-waisted linen shorts Sale price€29,50 Regular price€59,00
ROBE CONCHA - René Derhy ref:P310065ROBE CONCHA - René Derhy ref:P310065
COLCHIQUE printed shirt dress Sale price€77,40 Regular price€129,00
ROBE CHOREGRAPHIE - René Derhy ref:P310136ROBE CHOREGRAPHIE - René Derhy ref:P310136
CHOREGRAPHIE long printed dress with straps Sale price€77,40 Regular price€129,00
BLOUSE EMILIENNE - René Derhy ref:P320049BLOUSE EMILIENNE - René Derhy ref:P320049
Short printed blouse EMILIENNE Sale price€45,00 Regular price€75,00
CAMARGUE backless printed long dressCAMARGUE backless printed long dress
CAMARGUE backless printed long dress Sale price€83,40 Regular price€139,00
VESTE ISATIS - René Derhy ref:P385014VESTE ISATIS - René Derhy ref:P385014
ISATIS lightweight tencel jacket Sale price€51,00 Regular price€85,00
ROBE CYRIELLE - René Derhy ref:P310100ROBE CYRIELLE - René Derhy ref:P310100
Long printed cotton backless dress CYRIELLE Sale price€77,40 Regular price€129,00
TEE SHIRT LUDMILLA - René Derhy ref:P330030TEE SHIRT LUDMILLA - René Derhy ref:P330030
LUDMILLA printed viscose cotton T-shirt Sale price€45,00 Regular price€75,00
BLOUSE EVALINE - René Derhy ref:P320068BLOUSE EVALINE - René Derhy ref:P320068
Loose printed blouse EVALINE Sale price€65,40 Regular price€109,00
BLOUSE EMILIANE - René Derhy ref:P320050BLOUSE EMILIANE - René Derhy ref:P320050
EMILIANE printed smoked top Sale price€42,00 Regular price€70,00
JUPE FOURMI - René Derhy ref:P350025JUPE FOURMI - René Derhy ref:P350025
Long printed cotton skirt ANT Sale price€65,40 Regular price€109,00
Sold outBLOUSE DJEMBE - René Derhy ref:P220072BLOUSE DJEMBE - René Derhy ref:P220072
DJEMBE light printed and lace blouse Sale price€47,50 Regular price€95,00
LEA printed long skirtLEA printed long skirt
LEA printed long skirt Sale price€49,50 Regular price€99,00
RICA ROBE COSTA - René Derhy ref:P310128RICA ROBE COSTA - René Derhy ref:P310128
Costa Rica - Robe asymétrique, bretelles en viscose Sale price€83,40 Regular price€139,00
BLOUSE ERNESTINE - René Derhy ref:P320058BLOUSE ERNESTINE - René Derhy ref:P320058
ERNESTINE wrap-over printed blouse Sale price€63,00 Regular price€105,00