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COMBINAISON INDIA - René Derhy ref:P490011COMBINAISON INDIA - René Derhy ref:P490011
Combinaison imprimée floral col en V INDIA Sale price€101,50 Regular price€145,00
Short embroidered V-neck dress with short sleeves SELIMAROBE SELIMA - René Derhy ref:P415049
Short embroidered V-neck dress with short sleeves SELIMA Sale price€94,50 Regular price€135,00
ROBE TEOFILA - René Derhy ref:P410060ROBE TEOFILA - René Derhy ref:P410060
Long printed V-neck dress with gathers TEOFILA Sale price€111,30 Regular price€159,00
ROBE TRIESTE - René Derhy ref:P410181ROBE TRIESTE - René Derhy ref:P410181
Robe longue imprimée sans manches TRIESTE Sale price€97,30 Regular price€139,00
Tee-shirt imprimé et brodé épaules larges KATELLTEE SHIRT KATELL - René Derhy ref:P430011
Tee-shirt imprimé et brodé épaules larges KATELL Sale price€45,50 Regular price€65,00
TELAYAH V-neck printed long dressROBE TELAYAH - René Derhy ref:P410043
TELAYAH V-neck printed long dress Sale price€104,30 Regular price€149,00
CAMARGUE backless printed long dressCAMARGUE backless printed long dress
CAMARGUE backless printed long dress Sale price€83,40 Regular price€139,00
COMBINAISON TILDA - René Derhy ref:P390002COMBINAISON TILDA - René Derhy ref:P390002
TILDA jumpsuit Sale price€69,00 Regular price€115,00
Sold outROBE CALAMO - René Derhy ref:P310220ROBE CALAMO - René Derhy ref:P310220
CALAMO printed mid-length dress Sale price€71,40 Regular price€119,00
BLOUSE EUGENIE - René Derhy ref:P320065BLOUSE EUGENIE - René Derhy ref:P320065
EUGENIE loose printed blouse Sale price€71,40 Regular price€119,00
ROBE CERAMIQUE - René Derhy ref:P310132ROBE CERAMIQUE - René Derhy ref:P310132
CERAMIC printed mid-length tunic dress Sale price€77,40 Regular price€129,00
VESTE IRENE - René Derhy ref:P385000VESTE IRENE - René Derhy ref:P385000
IRENE printed kimono jacket Sale price€53,40 Regular price€89,00
ROBE CABEZOTA - René Derhy ref:P310206ROBE CABEZOTA - René Derhy ref:P310206
Short printed cotton plumetis dress CABEZOTA Sale price€65,40 Regular price€109,00
ROBE CHARLENE - René Derhy ref:P310006ROBE CHARLENE - René Derhy ref:P310006
CHARLENE printed midi shirt dress Sale price€71,40 Regular price€119,00
VESTE ISSOIRE - René Derhy ref:P385011VESTE ISSOIRE - René Derhy ref:P385011
ISSOIRE printed cotton linen blazer jacket Sale price€89,40 Regular price€149,00
GILET MAILLE OREGON - René Derhy ref:P345016GILET MAILLE OREGON - René Derhy ref:P345016
Sweater with contrasting collar OREGON Sale price€51,00 Regular price€85,00
VESTE ICEBERG - René Derhy ref:P385010VESTE ICEBERG - René Derhy ref:P385010
ICEBERG 3/4 sleeve printed jacket Sale price€69,00 Regular price€115,00
ROBE CEFIRO - René Derhy ref:P310250ROBE CEFIRO - René Derhy ref:P310250
CEFIRO printed cotton ruffled mid-length dress Sale price€71,40 Regular price€119,00
BLOUSE ESTRELLA - René Derhy ref:P320062BLOUSE ESTRELLA - René Derhy ref:P320062
ESTRELLA viscose printed shirt Sale price€41,40 Regular price€69,00
BLOUSE EDUARDA - René Derhy ref:P320025BLOUSE EDUARDA - René Derhy ref:P320025
EDUARDA short-sleeved printed blouse Sale price€45,00 Regular price€75,00
TEE SHIRT KOHANA - René Derhy ref:P430037TEE SHIRT KOHANA - René Derhy ref:P430037
Tee Shirt imprimé col rond KOHANA Sale price€48,30 Regular price€69,00
ROBE SEATTLE - René Derhy ref:P415043ROBE SEATTLE - René Derhy ref:P415043
Plain mid-length dress, crossed V-neck SEATTLE Sale price€73,50 Regular price€105,00
PANTALON PEARL - René Derhy ref:P460030PANTALON PEARL - René Derhy ref:P460030
Loose 7/8 plain linen pants PEARL Sale priceFrom €62,30 Regular price€89,00
ROBE SAPO - René Derhy ref:P415032ROBE SAPO - René Derhy ref:P415032
Robe longue brodée manches 3/4 évasée col V SAPO Sale price€104,30 Regular price€149,00
ROBE SERENA - René Derhy ref:P415053ROBE SERENA - René Derhy ref:P415053
Robe droite brodée de motifs bicolores SERENA Sale price€83,30 Regular price€119,00
Robe longue imprimée à bretelles et volants TASSINROBE TASSIN - René Derhy ref:P410032
Robe longue imprimée à bretelles et volants TASSIN Sale price€104,30 Regular price€149,00
ROBE TOCCATA - René Derhy ref:P410127ROBE TOCCATA - René Derhy ref:P410127
TOCCATA sleeveless printed jersey long dress Sale price€90,30 Regular price€129,00
ROBE TOURNAI - René Derhy ref:P410206ROBE TOURNAI - René Derhy ref:P410206
Short printed kimono dress TOURNAI Sale price€87,50 Regular price€125,00
JUPE FLYNN - René Derhy ref:P350018JUPE FLYNN - René Derhy ref:P350018
FLYNN viscose printed long skirt Sale price€65,40 Regular price€109,00
JUPE FOLIE - René Derhy ref:P350019JUPE FOLIE - René Derhy ref:P350019
FOLIE voile printed long skirt Sale price€75,00 Regular price€125,00
JUPE FIONNA - René Derhy ref:P350000JUPE FIONNA - René Derhy ref:P350000
FIONNA pleated mesh midi skirt Sale price€41,40 Regular price€69,00
ROBE CADILLAC - René Derhy ref:P310159ROBE CADILLAC - René Derhy ref:P310159
CADILLAC short printed chiffon and beaded dress Sale price€89,40 Regular price€149,00
ROBE PETUNIA - René Derhy ref:P315045ROBE PETUNIA - René Derhy ref:P315045
Long plain dress with lace PETUNIA Sale price€135,00 Regular price€225,00
ROBE CONSTANTINE - René Derhy ref:P310067ROBE CONSTANTINE - René Derhy ref:P310067
CONSTANTINE printed midi dress with straps Sale price€83,40 Regular price€139,00
ROBE CHENONCEAU - René Derhy ref:P310187ROBE CHENONCEAU - René Derhy ref:P310187
CHENONCEAU printed long dress Sale price€107,40 Regular price€179,00
ROBE CABRIERES - René Derhy ref:P310154ROBE CABRIERES - René Derhy ref:P310154
CABRIERES printed long dress Sale price€71,40 Regular price€119,00
Robe longue ample brodée à manches 3/4 SELFIEROBE SELFIE - René Derhy ref:P415048
Robe longue ample brodée à manches 3/4 SELFIE Sale price€153,30 Regular price€219,00
ROBE CHARLOTTE - René Derhy ref:P310007ROBE CHARLOTTE - René Derhy ref:P310007
CHARLOTTE square neck printed long dress Sale price€81,00 Regular price€135,00
ROBE COTINGA - René Derhy ref:P310116ROBE COTINGA - René Derhy ref:P310116
COTINGA long printed shirt dress Sale price€81,00 Regular price€135,00
ROBE CORALINE - René Derhy ref:P310073ROBE CORALINE - René Derhy ref:P310073
Long printed dress CORALINE Sale price€87,00 Regular price€145,00
CAMINATA sleeveless printed long dressCAMINATA sleeveless printed long dress
CAMINATA sleeveless printed long dress Sale price€63,00 Regular price€105,00
BLOUSE EOLE - René Derhy ref:P320056BLOUSE EOLE - René Derhy ref:P320056
EOLE printed draped cotton blouse Sale price€47,40 Regular price€79,00
ROBE CLARENCE - René Derhy ref:P310039ROBE CLARENCE - René Derhy ref:P310039
Long printed viscose dress with buttons CLARENCE Sale price€87,00 Regular price€145,00
JUPE FIRMINE - René Derhy ref:P350001JUPE FIRMINE - René Derhy ref:P350001
FIRMINE lace midi skirt Sale price€53,40 Regular price€89,00
GILET MAILLE OPERA - René Derhy ref:P345014GILET MAILLE OPERA - René Derhy ref:P345014
OPERA plain knit wrapover Sale price€53,40 Regular price€89,00
ROBE CORNELIA - René Derhy ref:P310082ROBE CORNELIA - René Derhy ref:P310082
CORNELIA printed chiffon long dress Sale price€101,40 Regular price€169,00
BLOUSE CALINE - René Derhy ref:P225009BLOUSE CALINE - René Derhy ref:P225009
CALINE embroidered short top Sale price€57,50 Regular price€115,00
PULL GEMINA - René Derhy ref:P240010PULL GEMINA - René Derhy ref:P240010
GEMINA pointelle and lurex long-sleeved sweater Sale price€32,50 Regular price€65,00
ZABOU fancy crochet knit dressZABOU fancy crochet knit dress
ZABOU fancy crochet knit dress Sale price€52,50 Regular price€105,00
GILET MAILLE JANICE - René Derhy ref:P245008GILET MAILLE JANICE - René Derhy ref:P245008
Light cardigan with contrasting details JANICE Sale price€39,50 Regular price€79,00