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Gift card
Gift card Sale price€150,00
CEINTURE TACTIQUE - René Derhy ref:P294002CEINTURE TACTIQUE - René Derhy ref:P294002
TACTICAL jute belt Sale price€14,50 Regular price€29,00
CEINTURE NECTARINE - René Derhy ref:P394002CEINTURE NECTARINE - René Derhy ref:P394002
NECTARINE braided leather belt Sale price€29,40 Regular price€49,00
CHAPEAU HARARE - René Derhy ref:P393000CHAPEAU HARARE - René Derhy ref:P393000
HARARE hat with stripes Sale price€17,40 Regular price€29,00
HOP CHAPEAU HIP - René Derhy ref:P393001
HIP HOP hat with braid and shells Sale price€21,00 Regular price€35,00
CHAPEAU QUADRUPLE - René Derhy ref:P493001CHAPEAU QUADRUPLE - René Derhy ref:P493001
CHAPEAU TINTAMARRE - René Derhy ref:P293001CHAPEAU TINTAMARRE - René Derhy ref:P293001
TINMAARRE cotton crochet hat Sale price€14,50 Regular price€29,00
BLOUSE ELANA - René Derhy ref:P320029BLOUSE ELANA - René Derhy ref:P320029
Loose viscose printed shirt ELANA Sale price€51,00 Regular price€85,00
BLOUSE ELBE - René Derhy ref:P320003BLOUSE ELBE - René Derhy ref:P320003
ELBE viscose printed loose shirt Sale price€31,50 Regular price€52,50
BLOUSE GERANIUM - René Derhy ref:P325008BLOUSE GERANIUM - René Derhy ref:P325008
Short plain linen shirt GERANIUM Sale price€57,00 Regular price€95,00
BLOUSE REX - René Derhy ref:P420041BLOUSE REX - René Derhy ref:P420041
Short printed shirt 3/4 sleeves REX Sale price€52,00 Regular price€65,00
VESTE YELDA - René Derhy ref:P485007VESTE YELDA - René Derhy ref:P485007
BLOUSE OLYMPE - René Derhy ref:P425024BLOUSE OLYMPE - René Derhy ref:P425024
OLYMPE short-sleeved safari shirt Sale price€59,50 Regular price€85,00
BLOUSE REVOLUTION - René Derhy ref:P420040BLOUSE REVOLUTION - René Derhy ref:P420040
BLOUSE REBELLE - René Derhy ref:P420014BLOUSE REBELLE - René Derhy ref:P420014
BLOUSE REGATE - René Derhy ref:P420018BLOUSE REGATE - René Derhy ref:P420018
REGATE long sleeve printed shirt Sale price€66,50 Regular price€95,00
BLOUSE REGLISSE - René Derhy ref:P420022BLOUSE REGLISSE - René Derhy ref:P420022
BLOUSE RHODES - René Derhy ref:P420042BLOUSE RHODES - René Derhy ref:P420042
BLOUSE RODEO - René Derhy ref:P420062BLOUSE RODEO - René Derhy ref:P420062
Chemise imprimée manches longues et volants RODEO Sale price€59,40 Regular price€99,00
Chemise imprimée manches longues REINEBLOUSE REINE - René Derhy ref:P420024
Chemise imprimée manches longues REINE Sale price€53,40 Regular price€89,00
BLOUSE RIVESALTES - René Derhy ref:P420053BLOUSE RIVESALTES - René Derhy ref:P420053
RIVESALTES long-sleeved printed shirt Sale price€53,40 Regular price€89,00
BLOUSE RETRO - René Derhy ref:P420039BLOUSE RETRO - René Derhy ref:P420039
BLOUSE REALITE - René Derhy ref:P420012BLOUSE REALITE - René Derhy ref:P420012
REALITE long sleeve printed long shirt Sale price€69,30 Regular price€99,00
BLOUSE ROXANE - René Derhy ref:P420084BLOUSE ROXANE - René Derhy ref:P420084
ROXANE long sleeve printed long shirt Sale price€60,00 Regular price€75,00
BLOUSE REGGAE - René Derhy ref:P420020BLOUSE REGGAE - René Derhy ref:P420020
REGGAE floral printed oversized shirt Sale price€69,30 Regular price€99,00
BLOUSE ROSEBUD - René Derhy ref:P420074BLOUSE ROSEBUD - René Derhy ref:P420074
ROSEBUD long-sleeved oversized printed shirt Sale price€84,00 Regular price€105,00
BLOUSE ROME - René Derhy ref:P420066BLOUSE ROME - René Derhy ref:P420066
COMBINAISON TANZANIE - René Derhy ref:P390008COMBINAISON TANZANIE - René Derhy ref:P390008
TANZANI plain linen jumpsuit Sale price€95,40 Regular price€159,00
COMBINAISON IDA - René Derhy ref:P490001COMBINAISON IDA - René Derhy ref:P490001
Combinaison ample imprimée manches courtes IDA Sale price€90,30 Regular price€129,00
COMBINAISON INAYA - René Derhy ref:P490010COMBINAISON INAYA - René Derhy ref:P490010
Combinaison safari imprimée et ample sans manches INAYA Sale price€108,00 Regular price€135,00
Plain linen jumpsuit with dropped shoulders IMPALACOMBINAISON IMPALA - René Derhy ref:P490009
Plain linen jumpsuit with dropped shoulders IMPALA Sale price€95,40 Regular price€159,00
RICA ROBE COSTA - René Derhy ref:P310128RICA ROBE COSTA - René Derhy ref:P310128
Costa Rica - Robe asymétrique, bretelles en viscose Sale price€83,40 Regular price€139,00
BLOUSE REPONSE - René Derhy ref:P420032BLOUSE REPONSE - René Derhy ref:P420032
RESPONSE buttoned printed bustier tank top Sale price€52,00 Regular price€65,00
TEMPETE printed silk scarfECHARPE TEMPETE - René Derhy ref:P291004
TEMPETE printed silk scarf Sale price€29,50 Regular price€59,00
ECHARPE QUARANTE - René Derhy ref:P491001ECHARPE QUARANTE - René Derhy ref:P491001
ENSEMBLE ICARE - René Derhy ref:P490000ENSEMBLE ICARE - René Derhy ref:P490000
TWINSET YANNETTE - René Derhy ref:P485003TWINSET YANNETTE - René Derhy ref:P485003
YANNETTE Paisley printed kimono and crop top set Sale price€39,20 Regular price€49,00
GILET MAILLE UMA - René Derhy ref:P445005GILET MAILLE UMA - René Derhy ref:P445005
URUGUAY 3/4 sleeve V-neck and ruffled cardiganGILET MAILLE URUGUAY - René Derhy ref:P445017
ULIANA V-neck crochet sleeveless cardiganGILET MAILLE ULIANA - René Derhy ref:P445002
BLOUSE ONYX - René Derhy ref:P425030BLOUSE ONYX - René Derhy ref:P425030
JUPE VANGELIS - René Derhy ref:P450014Jupe ample et longue en tencel léger VANGELIS
JUPE HANOI - René Derhy ref:P050009JUPE HANOI - René Derhy ref:P050009
HANOI printed cotton poplin culotte skirt Sale priceFrom €24,50 Regular price€49,00
LAETICIA cotton skirtJUPE LAETICIA - René Derhy ref:P250001
LAETICIA cotton skirt Sale price€39,50 Regular price€79,00
JUPE LEVAN - René Derhy ref:P250024JUPE LEVAN - René Derhy ref:P250024
LEVAN printed skirt Sale price€52,50 Regular price€105,00
Sold outJUPE VALENTINE - René Derhy ref:P450005JUPE VALENTINE - René Derhy ref:P450005
VALENTINE long ruffled skirt Sale price€71,20 Regular price€89,00
JUPE VANESSA - René Derhy ref:P450013JUPE VANESSA - René Derhy ref:P450013
VILLIERS floral printed cotton long skirtJUPE VILLIERS - René Derhy ref:P450043
VILLIERS floral printed cotton long skirt Sale price€95,20 Regular price€119,00
Jupe longue en coton, imprimée à volants VALLYJUPE VALLY - René Derhy ref:P450012
Jupe longue en coton, imprimée à volants VALLY Sale price€76,30 Regular price€109,00
Long openwork knit skirt VENDANGESJUPE VENDANGES - René Derhy ref:P450026