The Dicom Applet Viewer :

Have you ever dream of viewing the images that comes from multiple modalities (Ultrasound, MR, CT, Computed Radiology) on your web browser ? well it is now possible thanks to this DICOM decoder Applet , which lets you view DICOM files and allow for some few image processing. You have a text field at the bottom of the applet that lets you fetch the image you want through its URL and if you want, you can even retrieve an image from your local disk by pushing on the button "Local Dicom File" at the bottom right of the applet.

Having some troubles ?

To see the applet you have to wait for a while , since it dowloads a 70K DICOM sample image.

If it does not work at all , your browser may not be Java enabled or it cannot handle java compressed files (.jar files), change your browser ! or e mail me ...

If it cannot load your own images from your local disk , it may be that your browser securities are too high , please check your browser preferences to lower the applet securities to the minimum. Or if you prefer, you can either download my free JDicomViewer, which is a stand alone application , withoutt any security restriction.

Want to see the DICOM attributes ?

Take a look at the Java console of your browser.

Want to try other Images ?

Since you cannot connect to another URL with origin from '' and you don't want to modify your java securities settings , you may try to type in the following URLs in the Textfield , at the bottom of the applet :

Want to use it ?

This is a shareware applet , you can download the AppletClasses.jar , for a trial use and for evaluation only, the html tags should be :

<APPLET CODE="DicomDecoderApplet.class" WIDTH="512" HEIGHT="530" archive="AppletClasses.jar">
PARAM NAME="DicomImage" VALUE="The_DICOM_Image_To_Display">

Just change the parameter : The_DICOM_Image_To_Display to the Dicom file name that you want to display.

I am selling this applet with the whole source code ( not obfuscated ), the source code contains a Dicom Dicoder class which can read DICOM files and its attributes very simply . For example you can retrieve the image by calling a getImage() method .

Buy the sources of the DICOM decoder !!!.

Have You Tried EViewBox ?

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Copyright may 1998, Serge Derhy