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A Dicom tutorial in french, it has won the second prize at the computer session of the Journées Francaises de Radiologie novembre 98.

Un document d'apprentissage de DICOM , norme de communication d'images médicales. Ce document a gagné le deuxième prix informag des JFR98.

DICOM Java software:

EViewBox the DICOM JAVA enabled lightbox of the future ....

Try our powerful EViewBox Applet it allows you to display multiple images at the same time.

This Dicom Software include a simple
DICOM applet in order to view only one image at time.

This viewer can be used as an application using Simple Dicom Viewer an application which is jdk 1.0 compatible

A more recent and powerfull product is the
EViewBox project , an application which allows to view many kind of images , including DICOM , if they are all the same size you can make multiplanar reconstruction.

corresponding EViewBox applet can also be seen , be aware that there are some limitations inherent to applet security policy. But give a look at it, it is the lightbox of the future. Be shure to have a Java 1.1 enabled browser.

Try EVIEWBOX it's Free !!! Or its Cool MacIntosh Version .

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Other Stuff

Blackscreen : a small utility for the MacIntosh , if you want your screen to get black , this utility leaves as soon as you click on your mouse or tap on your keyboard.

JavaBrick a very simple brick program to play with your Browser , I don't recommend this link !

Metronome a Java metronome , it is paced by your computer thread : don't expect it to be regular unless you have a very fast computer.

RollDice a Java " 4 2 1 " game with sound ...

Le " Petit Monde" un journal en français . My daughter has grown up and does not take care any longer of this page , but I don't want to erase this page...

e-mail : dicom@derhy.com